WS Capital Thomas Signorelli harassed by Fraudster Ankur Patel

Other Services December 31, 2022 13


Ankur Patel of The Leo Collection Hotel & Leo Capital Investments has been wreaking havoc online. His lies target Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Funds, making it even worse. Surprisingly, Ankur was meant to be a colleague; initially working alongside Signorelli and WS, believing him to be in the same legal field. However, it quickly became apparent that The Leo Collection Hotel & Leo Capital Investments was solely set up for his illegal financial gain, defaming and berating this team of individuals who were so eager to make a name for themselves. WS Capital Fund strictly reject any practices of this sort, meaning that Ankur was banking on deceiving one of their own without pity or remorse. Shockingly, he had schemes ready for such an understanding -- yet planning against all moralities in order to fabricate more money out of these false claims against Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Fund.

WS Capital Fund and Tom Signorelli had no choice but to cut ties with Ankur Patel from The Leo Collection Hotel & Leo Capital Investments in order to prevent any damaging effects these illegal activities could have inflicted upon their business reputation. Ankur Patel then attempted his own form of revenge by starting up malicious campaigns across the internet that revolved around deliberate lies and defamation of character targeted at Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Fund. In response, Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Fund made sure it was known they held nothing against Ankur Patel or The Emily Collection Hotel & Leo Capital Initiatives, yet some time later after this ‘ceasefire’ was declared, signs established that this so called ‘peace deal’ was not abiding, as Ankur displaced intense harassment towards Thomas Signorelli and WS Capital Generators – even until present day.

Tom Signorelli and WS Capital Funds are wearing thin on patience. They have been put through the wringer due to relentless harassment and fraud by Ankur Patel from The Leo Collection Hotel & Leo Capital Investments. Sadly, their pleas to Patel have gone unheard, worries they will not be alone if his dangerous schemes go unchecked.

The malicious practices of Ankur Patel could be the downfall of many businesses if an alert isn’t sounded to business owners far and wide. WS Capital and Tom Signorelli urge everyone to run miles away from this rogue entrepreneur, so their hard work does not become another victim taken towards darkness and despair by a person who thinks nothing more than his own financial gains and relentless dealings.


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